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  • Who is Eurasia? The Advent of Politics into Geography

    One of the very first things I have learned after starting the school was “Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia.” This metaphor of “bridge” has been one of the basic official mottos of the Turkish Republic to help its citizens feel closer or even part Europe -so the Western world. This motto did

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  • Changing Equations In The Middle East

    Dr. Dilek YİĞİT It is known that there are certain opinions about 2013 not been a good year in terms of Turkey’s foreign policy. Based on the developments in the Middle East such as civil war, conflicts and increases in the regional instability which took place during a period called “The Arab Spring”, opinions concerning

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  • The Kalchakra Pooja at Bodh Gaya: Spiritualism and Nationalism

    The Kalchakra Pooja is supposed to be the most advanced form of Vajrayana practice and is one of the most complex systems in Tantric Buddhism. The present Dalai Lama, the fourteenth is the most prominent Kalchakra lineage holder alive today and has given over thirty Kalchakra initiations all over the world. BY DR. MANISH SINHA |

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  • Japan’s December 2012 General Election: Some Notes And Observations

    Japan’s 47th General Election, held on 16 December 2012, was a landslide victory for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), triumphantly returned from three years in the political wilderness of Opposition, and the fourth worst defeat suffered by any ruling party, formerly the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), in Japanese political history. BY DR. MICHAEL VAUGHAN* |

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  • The Secretive World of the Communist Party

    The lack of transparency surrounding the appointment of China’s new Communist Party government later this year extends to basic political and economic philosophy BY MARTINE BULARD | SEPTEMBER 06, 2012 The city of Beijing has installed an interactive find-your-route kiosk with a touchscreen on the street from the People’s University to Weigongcun underground station. On

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  • The Needs of Further Development for Pearl River Delta

    The main objective of this article is to examine the needs for further development in Pearl River Delta and how the policies of the Hong Kong and other local governments can be adapted to enhance further developments between their two jurisdictions. BY SUNNY LAM | July 2012  The Pearl River Delta plays a remarkable leading

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  • Agni-5: The National Firework of India

    India’s successful launch of a long range inter-continental ballistic missile has led to hyper-nationalist posturing and antagonism with China, of a kind disappointingly reminiscent of Cold War hubris. The bombastic rhetoric must not undo the bilateral ties between the two states. BY ANTONY OU | JULY 2012 On 19th April 2012, Agni-5, India’s first long range

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  • China’s Attitude May Hinder its Quest for Africa’s Natural Resources

    China’s willingness to invest in Africa has brought benefits to both that continent and the Chinese people. But if Chinese leaders do not quickly respond to the growing mass political consciousness in many African countries, all that has been achieved could crash around their ears. BY RICHARD ROUSSEAU | June 2012 Whether it is by democrats

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