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  • Russian Foreign Policy under Dmitry Medvedev’s Presidency (2008-2012)

    Summary Putin’s Russia (2000-2008) not only established internal stability, following the difficult and painful transition of the 1990’s onwards, but recovered economically, bolstered by a rapid increase in revenues from oil exports. Vladimir Putin knew how to take advantage of Russia’s position as the main supplier of energy to Europe. He also used it as

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  • So the Oceans are Worth $24 Trillion U.S.

    It is good to know that we humans have done our audit and determined what the oceans are worth. The chief architect putting a price tag to 70% of the planet is Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, an Australian marine scientist and director of the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute. Totaling up the ocean’s assets which include

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  • Nazarbaev Heads For A New Term In Kazakh Vote

    Voters in Kazakhstan are voting in a ballot that is expected to result in the reelection of President Nursultan Nazarbaev. With authorities clamping down on opposition and keeping tight control over the media in the energy-producing Central Asian nation, the 74-year-old Nazarbaev is expected to win a fifth term easily. His two rivals are not well

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  • At War against Itself: Religious Identity, Militancy and Growing Insecurity in Northern Nigeria

    JCTS (Journal of Conflict Transformation and Security) | Vol. 4 | No. 1-2 | April-October 2014 Abstract This paper critically examines the uneasy nexus between religious identity and spiralling violence in contemporary northern Nigeria. This nexus is illustrated with the ongoing militancy of Boko Haram, the radical Islamist group from north-eastern Nigeria whose avowed aim

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