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  • World Social Justice Day – 20 February

    In February 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared 20 February “World Social Justice Day”. The concept of social justice can be traced to ancient religions and philosophies East and West – Hinduism to Islam and Christianity, Marx and Gandhi. Arising from the Industrial Revolution and Enlightenment liberal philosophy, Harvard University philosopher John Rawls who

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  • Non-human Democracy: Putting Inspirations, Lessons and Analogies to Work

    This is the final part of a three-part essay. Part one asks why democratic research has all but ignored non-human species. Part two argues that our all-too-human conception of democracy must evolve in the Anthropocene, so why not consider the possibilities offered by other species that have evolved key elements of democratic organisation? Bonobos, sometimes

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  • Non-human Democracy: Our Political Vocabulary has No Room for Animals

    This is part one of a three-part essay that proposes a way of thinking about democracy that’s seldom, if ever, used. Despite the popularity in other disciplines of inter-species thinking, it’s ignored in democracy research. Why is that? Why can we not conceive of democracy as anything other than uniquely human? “Non-human Democracy” seeks to

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  • If We Are not Going to Burn Coal is There Another Reason to Mine It?

    According to a team of researchers from Penn State University, there are rare-earth elements to be found in coal seams. This has been known for awhile but extracting them was seen as too costly to warrant the investment. But ion exchange, a chemical process, could change all that making rare-earth element extraction from coal both

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  • Repairing the Policy-Making Processes of the United States: The First Step in Improving Its Defense

    Former US Department of Defense (DOD) Secretary Robert Gates explained on the January 21, 2016 Business Insider website that our military’s biggest weakness is sequestration, compounded by unpredictability in the budgeting process. Adequate and predictable funding is absolutely necessary for a successful US military. However, the US has suffered humiliating failures in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and

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