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  • The End of War: Truth or Fiction?

    Antony Ou in response to Dr Jean-Paul Gagnon’s article ‘The End of War?’ in Political Reflection, 2 (4): 30-33. In Volume 2 Issue 4 of Political Reflection, Dr Jean-Paul Gagnon wrote a mindprovoking feature article on whether there will be the end of war in the near future. Therein he contended that cosmopolitanism is a

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  • Progress, Democracy And Pollution: China’s Ecological Armageddon

    In the broadest sense, the Idea of Progress is a belief that technological, scientific, socio-political advancement will eventually improve the quality of life, happiness, and well-being of one’s society. In the West, it is a concept which can be traced back to ancient Greece, ancient Rome and Early Christian times. It is an overwhelming and

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  • Bitter Love: A Silenced Movie of China and Its Implication

    Ling Chenguang, a gifted artist without a father, endured hardships during his childhood with the help of benevolent people. During his adolescence at the time of the Japanese occupation, he was forced to join the army of Kumingtang (KMT). He was saved by a young lady named Lu from a fisherman’s family who later became

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  • When Money Speaks, Justice is Silent

      In late January this year, I was suffocated by the fact that China and Hong Kong were flooded by the news and images of the SinoAmerican meeting. I was fervently told in every detail that the Chinese President Hu Jintao (also the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party) has made a landmark journey

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