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  • BEIJING: “Humanistic City”

    In this volume, Beijing which is the capital city of the most populous country of the world has been examined in detail from a globalisation perspective. Beijing is located at the north of China. With its 19 million population, it is the second largest city of the country. Beijing is one of the four cities

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  • BAKU – “Baku’s Planning: for what and who?”

    Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, has been examined in this volume. Azerbaijan stands at the crossing point of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is a resource-rich country and it is located on very important energy and transportation corridors; so Azerbaijan is one of the most attractive centres for global investors in the Eastern

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  • CAIRO “Ready to change its fortune…”

    Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, who is under strong global impact has been examined in this volume. Egypt is a transcontinental country which is located at the intersection of the North Africa and the Southwest Asia. The country has a 80 million population in total and about 20 million of this population is living

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  • BANGKOK: “A Wonderful City for Tourists, not for Bangkokians!”

    A very interesting city, Bangkok, which was the capital city of Thailand, has been examined in this volume. Thailand is located at the heart of Southeast Asia. The country has a 68,2 million population and 6 millions of this population is living in Bangkok. This city has started to experience a different globalisation process after

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