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  • Turkish – Armenian Rapprochement: Renewed Interest?

    The international media has shown renewed interest in the revitalization of Turkish-Armenian relations, which has spawned a number of conferences and meetings. It comes as no surprise that during the Annual Conference on US-Turkey relations on 31 October, U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that progress in Armenian-Turkish relations would be a positive step

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  • Russia-Georgia Relations: Among Illusions and Visions

    Leaving public opinion aside, the leadership of all post-Soviet countries enjoy reasonably amicable relations with Russia The exception is Georgia, whose ongoing conflict with Russia is recognized as the most acute across the entire post-Soviet territory. Following the August War in 2008, Russia and Georgia are now officially enemies: direct diplomatic relations between the two

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  • Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict in the Scope of Accelerating Iran-Armenian Relations

    At present, the international community‟s preoccupation with Middle East Unrest overshadows a new trend in Iranian Armenian political relations affecting the South Caucasus. The officials and former civil servants of Iran have frequently made statements in support of IranianArmenian diplomacy. In these statements they express anxiety, about the armament of the region in particular and

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