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  • Return to Countryside: a New Attempt of Rural Financial Transformation

    In July 2009, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) issued a three-year plan on the development of New Rural Financial Institutions. The plan proposed to set up 1294 New Rural Financial Institutions including 1027 Village Banks by the end of 2011. BY JIAN GAO | APRIL 15, 2012 According to the plan, 75.2% of the proposed

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  • Asia’s New Great Game? – The Geopolitics of the South China Sea

    The power struggle between the British Empire and Russian Empire for influence in Central Asia during the 19th century was afterwards coined as the Great Game. In this strategic rivalry, Afghanistan played a key role because the British feared that the Russians would use Afghanistan as a base for forthcoming invasions into the then British colony

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  • The Case for Li Yuanchao as Premier

    The Central Committee met over the weekend of October 15, 2011 to determine how the upcoming succession during the 18th Party Congress in 2012 should occur the current candidate to succeed Hu Jintao is Xi Jinping with Li Keqiang, one of the Vice-Premiers is believed to succeed Wen Jiabao as the Premier at the 12th National

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  • China as a Law-Ruled State: From Top-Down Rhetoric to Bottom-Up Expectations

    What is the role of law in maintaining spaces of order in modern Chinese society? In 1996, Jiang Zemin adopted a new official policy of ruling the country in accordance with law, and establishing a socialist law-ruled state (yifa zhiguo, jianshe shuhui zhuyi fazhiguo), a policy that is now incorporated into the PRC Constitution. Such

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  • China’s Aid Program in Africa – a Primer

    Over the past decade China has emerged as a major donor of international aid. China’s aid program has effectively been regarded as a state secret, and accordingly analysis of China’s aid program has often lacked in nuance and tended towards hyperbole. This article will provide an overview of the nature and purposes of China’s aid

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  • SINO-INDIAN RELATIONS: Competition or Cooperation?

    Despite protests by the Chinese government, the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama went ahead with plans to visit a heavily militarized Tibetan Buddhist area in northeast India in November 2009, which is the focus of an intense territorial dispute between China and India. BY ANANYA CHATTERJEE | MARCH 14, 2012 Dalai Lama had re-iterated that

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  • Bitter Love: A Silenced Movie of China and Its Implication

    BY ANTONY OU | MARCH 06, 2012     A Movie of an Unrequited Patriot History… a series of genuine history! I didn’t let anyone rape her, and that is why I am now impoverished… This is a book that will not be published until after hundreds of years. By that time, archaeologists will dig

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  • The China-Taiwan Relationship: Current Status and Potential Directions

    BY MATTHEW KENNEDY | MARCH 01, 2012 Introduction   Taiwan is a primary flashpoint in East Asia.  Its explosiveness results from China’s ongoing insistence – and Taiwan’s refusal – that Taipei fall under Beijing’s auspices. It’s a periodic dispute which has lasted for over 60 years.  China has not openly attempted to force Taiwan to

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  • A change in North Korean leadership is as much an opportunity for us to reach out to the regime as it is for them to engage with the international community

    Just as we in the international community struggle to comprehend the images of tearful North Koreans pounding their fists and wailing in response to the death of Kim Jong-il, they too would be confused to learn of the comparatively cold and militaristic response of its neighbours. BY JAMES A. E. PEARSON | DECEMBER 21, 2011

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