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  • Think Again: Asia’s Rise

    Minxin Pei   Don’t believe the hype about the decline of America and the dawn of a new Asian age. It will be many decades before China, India, and the rest of the region take over the world, if they ever do.   “Power Is Shifting from West to East.”   Not really. Dine on a

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  • How China Wins and Loses Xinjiang

    Christina Larson   The Chinese government can put down a riot — but its heavy-handed tactics ensure that ethnic tensions will keep simmering. On Sunday, more than 1,000 Uighurs clashed with police in the western Chinese city of Urumqi — marking one of the country’s bloodiest ethnic conflicts in recent years. The government’s crackdown on the

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  • The Bourgeois Revolution

    Joshua Kurlantzick   ost days, the scene around Democracy Monument, a set of giant statues in the center of the old part of Bangkok, seems almost like a carnival. Pushcart vendors hawk everything from dried squid to ripe mangoes, and backpackers haggle with tuk-tuk drivers for a ride in their tiny, three-wheeled taxis.    

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  • Washington Has Limited Options In Trying To Halt Possible “Meltdown” In Pakistan — Experts

    Joshua Kucera   his decade, Pakistan has been one of the largest recipients of US military aid in the world, receiving almost $12 billion. Yet the security situation there continues to spiral downward.   President Barack Obama has shifted the US military’s attention to the Afghanistan-Pakistan area, and Congress is considering proposals that would alter the

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  • China’s Deep Pockets Make Beijing A Potent Energy Player In Central Asia

    Joanna Lillis     ot so long ago Kazakhstan was entertaining aspirations of becoming one of the world’s 50 largest economies. Now, Astana finds itself in a position where it must reluctantly part with energy assets in order to prop up its shaky financial sector.     President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s April 15-19 state visit to China

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  • Kim Calls the Shots

    Donald G. Gross is North Korea dictating U.S. security policy in Northeast Asia? As Pyongyang ratchets up tensions in the region on a near-daily basis, now preparing for a rocket launch, it is a fair question. The Obama administration appears to be merely reacting, allowing events to move from bad to worse. The offensive plays

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  • China’s Team of Rivals

    Cheng Li the two dozen senior politicians who walk the halls of Zhongnanhai, the compound of the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership in Beijing, are worried. What was inconceivable a year ago now threatens their rule: an economy in freefall. Exports, critical to China’s searing economic growth, have plunged. Thousands of factories and businesses, especially those

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  • Is China the New America?

    Harold James   The pressure to engage in large-scale fiscal stimulation is also likely to alter the balance of China’s economic development. The Chinese model of capitalism is very different than that of the United States, and even before the economic crisis, there were two alternative models. The first was the rural, family, and small-business-based

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