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  • Secret Wars: Pentagon $50 Billion “Black Budget” Reaches for the Sky

    Scott Lucas  so much for the Obama Administration putting a check on the Pentagon and its ambitions. Writing in The Intelligence Daily, Tim Burghardt reveals the expansion of the military “black budget”. Next year’s expenditure on covert operations will be close to the entire military budget of Britain, France, Japan, or even China,the next supposed superpower

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  • Texas Valisi öncülüğünde ‘ABD’den ayrılalım’ sesleri

    Cemal Demir     muhafazakar gruplar ülke genelinde federal hükümetin vergi ve harcama politikasını protesto ederken, Texas’tan ayrılık sesleri yükseldi. Texas Valisi Rick Perry’nin de bağımsızlık imasında bulunması şok etkisi yaptı.     Cumhuriyetçi muhafazakar gruplar tarafından ABD’nin dört bir tarafında düzenlenen “çay partisi (tea party)” eylemlerinin en dikkat çekeni ve en üst düzey katılımlısı

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  • 2009: The Year America Discovered Mexico

    Andrés Martinez iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico. … Mexico? Really? Mexico! All of a sudden, it seems, Mexico popped up on the list of scary places that should keep you up at night. The escalating violence associated with the drug trade has been catapulting the United States’ oft neglected neighbor past perennial hot spots in the

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  • Mexico and the Drug Wars

    Francis Fukuyama   One of the most obvious policy initiatives that the United States could undertake right now is is to seriously up the amount of help being given Mexico to bolster security along the US-Mexican border and to help to reform the Mexican judicial system.  We started this process last year with the Merida

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  • Pox Americana: Beyond American Studies and the ‘Special Relationship’

    Prof. Scott Lucas                                                                                           With no further ado, American Studies in five episodes:   EPISODE 1: WE’RE NUMBER ONE   A young boy grows in the US South of the 1960s. His overriding impression, reinforced by parents, church, television, and (his childhood obsession) sports, is how lucky he is to have been born American.

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  • The Betrayal of Dissent

    Prof. Scott Lucas                                                                                           As Robert Fisk has written, ‘The real and frightening story starts now.’[i] It may be the only occasion where he is in accord with neo-conservatives like William Kristol: ‘The mission begins in Baghdad, but it does not end there.’[ii]   ‘The new caliphs’ are putting out their proclamations.[iii] Donald Rumsfeld

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  • Enduring “America”: Making the Preponderant Universal?

    Prof. Scott Lucas                                                                                           In October 2001 Charlotte Beers, formerly the head of the Madison Avenue advertising firms Oglivy and Mather and J. Walter Thompson, joined the George W. Bush Administration as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. Beers, who had helped give the world the American Express (“don’t leave home without it”)

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  • Negotiating’Freedom’

    Prof. Scott Lucas                                                                                           Five years ago, the freelance historian Frances Stonor Saunders caused a flurry of press comment with the publication of her Who Paid the Piper?, published in the US under the more prosaic title The CIA and the Cultural Cold War. Edward Said proclaimed, “The energy and determination of her research,

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  • Selected Bibliography Turkish-American Relations in the Context of Northern Iraq

                           Ali Onur Özçelik   Abramowitz, Morton. (2000) “The Complexities of American Policy Making on Turkey” in Abromowitz, Morton (ed) Turkey’s Transformation and American Policy.  New York: The Century Foundation. pp. 153-185   Ahmad, Feroz. (2004) “The Historical Background of Turkey’s Foreign Policy” in Martin, Lenore G.

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