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  • Taming Rating Agencies

    By Dr. Kurtulus Gemici | 01 June 2010 Alchemy thrived in seeking how to turn ordinary, worthless metals into gold. To the dismay of countless alchemists, that goal has been rather elusive in the world of metals. Not so in the world of modern finance. The business of making golden assets out of worthless ones, a relatively

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  • Global Imbalances And The Great Recession

    By Dr. Kurtulus Gemici | 01 April 2010   As Aldous Huxley put it, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” The truth is that the world economy is in major disarray and in the grip of the most severe downturn since the Great Depression. The recovery does not seem to be

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  • Listening to The Language of Change

    By Prof. Bulent Gokay | 01 April 2010 The economic downturn and recession, which spread across the globe following the US sub-prime mortgage crisis in September 2008, has become the dominant news topic of the past year.  The latest statistics reveal that 2009 experienced the first worldwide drop in output since the Second World War. Today, one

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  • Political Warfare old and new: The State and Private Groups in the Formation of the National Endowment for Democracy

    Robert Pee On June 8 1982, Ronald Reagan gave a speech to the British Parliament calling for a global crusade for democracy. The practical outcome of this was the creation, in December 1983, of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The NED was an autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) consisting of four foundations: the National Democratic Institute

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  • Bosnia’s Continuing Chaos

    Louise Arbour   Fourteen years after its brutal war ended, Bosnia is today in political, if not literal, turmoil. Half of the country is deadlocked in a feud with the international governor, the High Representative. And a meeting this week of the Peace Implementation Council, setup in 1995 to monitor the peace accord, could prove

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  • Global Climate Change Treaty Delayed

    Selah Hennessy    Senior negotiators at a U.N. conference in Barcelona say a legally binding environment treaty will be delayed. In the final day of a weeklong conference, world leaders say a global climate treaty might be postponed by up to a year. Delegates have been in Barcelona all week to hash out a plan

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  • Experts advise WHO on pandemic vaccine policies and strategies

    The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization, which advises WHO on policies and strategies for vaccines and immunization, devoted a session of its 27–29 October meeting to pandemic influenza vaccines. The experts reviewed the current epidemiological situation of the pandemic worldwide and considered issues and options from a public health perspective.   Items

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  • Huge amounts of avoidable post-harvest losses worsens hunger for poor – UN

    The plight of the hungry in developing countries is needlessly aggravated by farmers losing up to half of their crops after gathering the harvest, the United Nations agricultural agency said today, stressing that adequate investment and training could drastically cut the losses.   The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) said that excessive rainfall, droughts, extreme

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  • Real wages under pressure as global economic crisis continues to bite, UN report finds

    Real wages appear to be stagnating worldwide for the second consecutive year, underlining the fragility of any potential recovery from the global economic crisis, the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) reported today.   The ILO’s annual study of global wages shows that growth in real wages – measured across 53 countries – declined from an average

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