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  • The Military’s Evolving Role In Jordanian Political Reform

    Introduction Following the Arab Spring, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan seems to have faced less instability than its neighbors, much like monarchies across the region. Analysts agree that the regime has navigated the demands of its population in a manner that has preserved its own control. Despite this analysis, there remain important challenges the monarchy

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    This month Egypt, known as the “mother of the Arab world” will, for the first time, hold a free and transparent Presidential election. This election will have a great impact both regionally and internationally not least upon its neighbour Israel. In the last few decades Israel has wasted no opportunity to make its claim to

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    As the uncertainty of the Arab Spring continues, the debate on the future of the movement and the U.S. role in it grows into a colorful debate. As a part of this policy debate I was recently asked to review Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions episode on the Arab Spring, featuring columnist Mona Eltahawy and

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  • Israel : The Risk of a New War with Arab Countries

    On the 18th of August an attack launched by military commandos against buses in some Israeli towns north of Eilat in the Negev desert resulted in many victims, including some of the attackers and several Egyptian soldiers. The attackers are claimed to have crossed into Israel from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, though Egyptian officials deny this.

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  • The Arab Spring and Calls for a Turkey-EU Foreign Policy Dialogue

    The Arab Spring caught both Turkey and the European Union by surprise and led both actors to review their existing policies towards the Middle East and North Africa. It also revealed disagreements between them about how to respond to the uprisings, particularly visible in the cases of Libya and Syria. The EU’s and Turkey’s different

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  • A New War on Terror?

    Just when the threat of Islamist terrorism seemed to be successfully suppressed, the actions of Breivik bring awareness of the evil engendered by other extremist ideologies. When a Muslim terrorist commits an act of violence, Muslims all over the world tend to be blamed. As soon as an outrage is reported, the media jump to

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  • CAIRO “Ready to change its fortune…”

    Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, who is under strong global impact has been examined in this volume. Egypt is a transcontinental country which is located at the intersection of the North Africa and the Southwest Asia. The country has a 80 million population in total and about 20 million of this population is living

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  • Palestine Refugees in Today’s Middle East

    To say that we are witnessing momentous and historic events in the Middle East is to state the obvious. To even the most casual observer, it is clear that developments in the region go beyond whatever we may define as “ordinary” or “normal”. It is equally obvious that at this point in time, less than

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