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  • An Analysis of Azeri Energy Market and Its Future

    Duygu Uckun   Azerbaijan is an oil rich country and a transition economy. It is witnessing an increasing foreign direct investment and fast economic growth. Mismanagement of this process might turn resources from being a blessing into a curse, one that destabilizes the economy, society and the region. Dutch disease is analyzed as one way

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  • Central Asia and Turkish Foreign Policy

    Dr. Gamze Güngörmüş KONA   The emergence of Turkish interest in the Central Asian region began with the geopolitical changes appeared in the former Soviet South geopolitical area following the disintegration of the Soviet Union. After the disintegration five states in Central Asia declared their independence and began to develop foreign relations with the states

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  • Türkiye – Azerbaycan İlişkileri : Büyük Umutlar – Talihsiz Gelişmeler Ve Yapılması Gerekenler

    Dr. Gamze Güngörmüş KONA   Sovyetler Birliği’nin dağılmasını takiben Güney Kafkasya bölgesinde yer alan Azerbaycan’ın bağımsızlığına kavuşması bu devleti olumlu yönde olduğu kadar olumsuz yönde de etkilemiştir. Bağımsız devlet, bağımsız toprak ve bağımsız parlamentosuna kavuşan Azerbaycan; bölgesel ve bazı Batılı aktörlerin güç mücadelesine maruz kalma, serbest piyasa ekonomisinin kurum ve kurallarını geliştirememe, Rusya Federasyonu’nun etkinlik

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  • Social, Political and Economic Problems Central Asian Republics Face and The Role Of Turkey in The Central Asian Region

    Dr. Gamze Güngörmüş KONA   Along with the emergence of the newly independent Soviet Muslim periphery, the region, has started to be included in Turkish foreign policy agenda, too. Turkey was one of the first countries who recognised the independence of the Central Asian republics. Besides recognition Turkey has declared her willingness and readiness to

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  • Classical Eurasianism and the Geopolitics of Russian Identity

    Prof. Mark BASSIN   One of the great fascinations of studying nationalist ideologies is to follow the complex process by which foreign notions and perspective are absorbed, rescripted and resignified, and then redeployed in a manner quite different from, if not indeed opposed to their original function. This borrowing process can be an elusive one,

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  • Eurasianism Classical and Neo The Lines of Continuity

    Prof. Mark Bassin     Eurasianism, as Stephen Shenfield reminds us, means many things. Indeed, this is if anything an understatement, for the term has emerged as one of the most popular keywords available in the volatile ideological arsenal of post-Soviet politics. Popularity does not, however, necessarily enhance consistency, and this is certainly the case

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