General aims: A book review should inform the reader of the book’s content and its quality. It is important that the review is more than just a summary of the subject matter, and that it is placed in the overall context of its field. Criticism is healthy, provided that it is well supported. 

Length: Book reviews should usually be 1000 words long. A review of two or more books should be approximately 2000 words. Nevertheless, if authors find these guidelines are not appropriate for their reviews, they may discuss with Review Editor.

Suggested Approach: We suggest authors that the first half of their reviews summarise the contents of the books. The followings are some questions that potential readers might want to know: What does the book focus on? / What are the core arguments? / What topics, case studies, and research methods are analyses and applied in the book?

The authors are recommended to discuss how they view about the book in the second half of their reviews. Some questions that they may focus on are: What contributions does this book make? / Does the author achieve his/her goals in the book? / How convincing are the author’s arguments? / To what kind of readers this book might be useful? / Are there any aspects that the author should have improved? / Are the organisation and presentation in the book satisfactory?

Language: Reviews should be written in British English. The ‘Footnote Referencing’ system should be used for bibliographical references in the text and notes.

Proofs and publication: The editorial team reserves the right to amend the text of book reviews as appropriate. The authors will not receive any payment for their reviews, however, they keep the books reviewed by them.

Contact: For reviewing books, please contact Dr. SungYong Lee to: