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Cesran International


  • Russia and Eurasia

    Call for Papers – IEPAS2020


    CESRAN International, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, and OBSERVARE invite panel and paper proposals, relating to all aspects of humanities and social sciences on wider Eurasia, for the 7th International Conference on Eurasian Politics & Society on 14th–15th May 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. To present a paper at the conference: Applicants must fill in the Application form here. The conference is also open to non-paper presenters and…

  • Defense & Security, Europe

    Shall the Court Subject Counter-Terrorism Law to Judicial Review? National Security vs Human Rights

    Introduction ‘Terrorist emergencies justify extensive and far-reaching security measures that may legitimately restrict the enjoyment of the fundamental rights: to expect the […] courts to adopt a restrictive approach to such emergency measures is to emphasise concern for abstract ideals over common sense.’[1] The article’s quotation goes into the heart of the British constitution (and…

  • Middle East

    The Era of Coercive Diplomacy in Iranian Nuclear Deal

    The Iranian nuclear programme started with the help of the US in the early 1960s-70s called “Atom for Peace program”. Iran, under the leadership of Shah, was a close US ally. The then Iranian government leadership anticipated that their oil reserves are insufficient to meet the population’s demand and to support economic development. Given this…

  • Defense & Security, Middle East

    International Solidarity and Burden-Sharing: The Case of Syrian Refugees


    Syrian Refugee Crisis The world is currently witnessing a period of unprecedented human movement, which represents one of the most significant problems worldwide in recent times. According to a report by the United Nations (2019), the upsurge of international migrants worldwide has been phenomenal; exceeding 250 million currently, thus, having recorded over 45 million displaced…

  • Defense & Security, Russia and Eurasia

    Rural Afghan Women as Agents for Change and the Failure of Liberal Peacebuilding


    This article will critique the liberal peacebuilding agenda and argue for an alternative, post-liberal approach to peacebuilding and conflict research by drawing upon James Scott’s theory of everyday resistance in conjunction with my own recent research with rural women in the Hirat and Balkh provinces of Afghanistan. The objective of this article is to amplify…


  • CESRAN International Named again amongst the Top Think Tanks in the World

    CESRAN International is pleased to announce that it has been named again amongst the world’s best think tanks. The 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index ranked CESRAN International 141st among the World’s “Top Think Tanks in Western Europe” 75th among the World’s “Top Environment Policy Think Tanks” 153rd among the World’s “Top Foreign Policy…


    The 18th issue of the rest: journal of politics and development is out now. Download the issue here… TABLE OF CONTENTS Research Articles The Foreign Policy Decision Making Approaches and Their Applications Case Study: Bush, Obama and Trump’s Decision Making towards Afghanistan and the Region By Sharifullah Dorani Evaluating the Explanatory Power of Social Identity Theory,…

  • The IEPAS2019 (6th Annual Conference on Eurasian Politics and Society) has been completed successfully.

    The 6th International Conference on Eurasian Politics and Society was organised by CESRAN International and Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa on 4-5 July 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference hosted 11 scholarly panel sessions, one roundtable session and one book discussion session. IEPAS2019 started with the welcome addresses of Professor Jose Amado Da Silva (Rector, UAL), Professor Luis Tome (Scientific coordinator, OBSERVARE-UAL),…

  • Outbidding in Times of Uncertainty – Post-conflict transitions and competitive violence.

    Large bombings, only days apart, in Bogota and Derry/Londonderry have put paid to any notions of a simple peace process in either country. These events show that the two very different conflicts display many of the same dynamics. Both countries have seen increasingly fragmented peace processes, with multiple non-state actors and intransient splinter groups vying…

  • The inherent dangers of secrecy in the US foreign policy

    Since the Vietnam War, officials of the United States have increasingly abused the essential democratic safeguards of accountability and an informed citizenry in apparent attempts to protect themselves from being held accountable for their actions. They use secrecy and disinformation to prevent the American people from obtaining the information they need to evaluate their government’s…