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  • An Interview with Dr. Jean-Paul Gagnon On Democratic Theory and Politics

    Dr. Jean-Paul Gagnon is a social and political philosopher specializing in democratic theory. In the light of recent developments around the world, I interviewed with Dr. Gagnon because of his expertise in democratic theory. BY HÜSREV TABAK | DECEMBER 11, 2011 Tabak: How is it that democratic theorists can contribute to political analysis? Gagnon: To answer this

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  • Book Review: Democratic Governance

    By Mark Bevir (New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-691-14539-6, 320 pp., £20.95) By Simon McMahon | 11 October 2010 Democrati c Governance is concerned with the challenge to democracy posed by the spread of new forms of governance. From the 1980s, the rise of New Public Management theories and practi ces have heralded a positi vist approach

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