About Us

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The Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis (CESRAN) was founded in 2008. CESRAN is a non-partisan, non-profit international think-tank committed itself to advancing academic research in the field of political science and international relations and providing expertise to decision-makers in public and private sectors. CESRAN not only contributes to the spread of different ideas and values around the globe but also aims to become a forum where various views are freely debated regardless of race and religion, and where new ideas are born collectively. Inspired by its motto ‘Advancing Diversity’, CESRAN believes in the uniqueness of every individual, and thus regards differences as a starting point for cooperation. Ultimately, CESRAN promotes all collective efforts aiming to sustain a more peaceful, developed, and enlightened world that is free of all prejudices.

The underlying motive behind the foundation of CESRAN is the very need to bridge the gap between the students of international relations and practitioners of international politics. In this regard, the main idea is gathering academics, experts, policy analysts who differ in their backgrounds and perspectives around CESRAN in order to yield fresh and illuminating insights as to how international relations is carried out in a globalizing world.

In a globalizing world where anything can have dramatic effects on world politics, it is no wonder that clear and broad policy recommendations are to be produced by institutions that maintain close contact with academia as well as the policy-making world. It is for this reason that CESRAN aims to establish close contacts with and between politicians, bureaucrats, business people, and academics alike.

Given that international relations entail multidisciplinary endeavours, CESRAN espouses the belief that better insights into world politics can be provided as a result of collaborative research of different experts who are specialized in diverse areas such as international relations theories, security studies, geopolitics, international political economy, international organizations, and public policy. Even though the research interests of our staff range widely, international politics, international political economy and security studies remain the primary research focus of CESRAN.

CESRAN puts particular emphasis on the education of political science and international relations. Moreover, CESRAN has established partnerships with various institutions and research centres and is keen to have collaboration with other institutions, organizations or universities which have similar interests. These partnerships will help CESRAN to become an international research organization, and eventually, they will produce authoritative, up-to-date knowledge in the field of international relations.

Our mission is to become a leading think-tank on strategic and diplomatic studies, a source of influential ideas in international relations, and a forum of discussions on various topics ranging from foreign policy analysis to the theories of international relations to international political economy. As part of its academic goals, CESRAN issues three peer-reviewed international journals:

In addition to these scholarly journals, CESRAN publishes research papers called CESRAN papers, Turkey Focus Policy Brief, and CESRAN Policy Brief.

CESRAN welcomes contributions from other experts and academics, advanced doctoral research students, and those with a professional or academic interest in politics and international relations.

CESRAN’s activities are funded by individual memberships and voluntary contributions. CESRAN has no allegiance to any government, or to any political or other organization.