CESRAN Policy Brief

Nuclear Weapons and Putin’s War

CESRAN Policy Brief 2

By Nick Ritchie | 08.11.2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its nuclear threats have generated fear of nuclear war in Europe for the first time in decades. To make sense of this, the current conflict must be placed in the context of the global politics of nuclear weapons. Global nuclear politics is, broadly speaking, about a fundamental contestation between an ideology of nuclearism that frames nuclear weapons as legitimate and necessary within the parameters of a particular conception of security and anti-nuclearism that frames them as illegitimate and dangerous within a different conception of security. It is a contestation in which nuclearism remains deeply embedded in the centres of power in world politics, and antinuclearism has a subaltern status.

Analysing Newroz in Diyarbakir: A Multi-Angle Approach

CESRAN Policy Brief 1
By Rahman Dag | April 01, 2013
Once the Newroz on 21 March 2013 in Diyarbakır would be the subject of any sort of conversation, academic discussion, journalistic research and daily bread on the lips of people, it would be absolutely considered one of the most significant turning points in the history of politics in Turkey. Since whether it will be successfully accomplished or dramatically fail and cause an internal high-level armed struggle, as a part of the peace process initiated by AKP and assisted by BDP, the announcement of Öcalan calling for leaving the armed forces out of Turkey’s border and superseded it with ideas and politics will be the inception of new horizons in Turkish politics. The main crux of Öcalan’s most recent announcement should not be narrowly seen as part of the Kurdish question alone, but rather in my point of view, its consequences are expected to affect every tiny aspect of Turkey; ranging from the prime sphere of politics to social, cultural, and economic structures. When it comes to specific analysis of these aspects, the implication and strategy of the peace process will be much clearer in minds.

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