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  • Decline and Fall 2016?

    “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security.  They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom.  When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased

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  • The 12th issue of Journal of Global Analysis is out now…

    The 12th issue of JGA (Journal of Global Analysis) is out now… You may download the articles through its own website: VOLUME VI NO II – JULY 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS Research Articles IMS-Growth Triangle, SADC and APEC: A Brief Analysis of Regional Integration and Transborder Relations from Critical Geopolitical Perspectives By Dr. Iqbal Shailo Debating

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  • Killing the Truth: The War on Reporters

    How the Syrian conflict has redifined war reporting Is it the lives of those who capture the truth in war time or the truth itself that matters most? Cameras were first used in wartime in 1916, when they were so new that the soldiers in the trenches looked into the lens and said, “Hello Mum”.

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