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  • Unlearned lessons of history

    Rewriting history Today the process of rewriting history is gaining momentum. Washington succeeded so well in the substitution of factual evidence and perception thereof by people, that the whole world repeated the mantra after them, indeed that the USA had saved the planet from the brownshirted plague. Then, Russia carried out the 60th Victory Day

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  • Review of Global Developments in 2015 and Prospects for 2016

    Introduction Top events in 2015 that shaped the world and are very likely to continue doing so include the economic slowdown not just in China and India, but in most of the world outside the US. Globalization under the neoliberal model of development continued to devastate the middle class in 2015 as it has in

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  • 21st Century Challenges to American Democracy: Part 3

    “Consumption Democracy” Consumption values are at the core of contemporary American culture.  The mass media, businesses and politicians equate such values with freedom and democracy. The social contract as the Founding Fathers conceived of it is not about democracy, freedom and equality, but about mass consumption of citizens as consumers, an idea that America has

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  • 21st Century Challenges to American Democracy: Part 2

    Rising Public Debt, Dwindling Democracy. Conservatives attribute the rising public debt to government spending on costly entitlement and social programs. They conclude that deficit financing for entitlement and social programs poses a threat to the free market which they equate with democracy. Liberals argue that the fiscal system favors the top income groups and such

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  • At War against Itself: Religious Identity, Militancy and Growing Insecurity in Northern Nigeria

    JCTS (Journal of Conflict Transformation and Security) | Vol. 4 | No. 1-2 | April-October 2014 Abstract This paper critically examines the uneasy nexus between religious identity and spiralling violence in contemporary northern Nigeria. This nexus is illustrated with the ongoing militancy of Boko Haram, the radical Islamist group from north-eastern Nigeria whose avowed aim

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  • Shadows and Faces: The Little Sparks of the Upcoming War

    This is a movie which can prove that a war scene between two brigades would probably not be more influential than seeing the beginning of war between two next-door neighbours.   BY ALAADDIN F. PAKSOY | DECEMBER 11, 2011 News reports about the Cyprus issue make me yawning. The vicious circle of the dispute does

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  • Book Review:Thucydides on Strategy Athenian and Spartan Grand Strategies in the Peloponnesian War and Their Relevance Today

    It is a common vice of some IR pundits to willingly imprison themselves in a safe so-called ‘conceptual framework’, thinking that they can then express what they want relevantly. Thus they go in for model-building, picking and choosing among the historical literature to prove their hypotheses, unlike the historian, who does not have to prove

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