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VOL. IV | NO. III    –     JUNE – JULY – AUGUST – 2013
006 – 011…….. Army and Democracy in Central Africa

by Par Hans De Marie Heungoup and Édouard Épiphane Yogo

014 – 016…….. Governing Without an Opposition: The Aftermath of the Early Parliamentary Election in Bulgaria

by Dr Ekaterina R. Rashkova-Gerbrands


020 – 023…….. Linkage of Climate Change and Energy Security: Implications on India’s National Security

by Dr. Mohammad Samir Hussain


024 – 033…….. On the Brink of Revolution: An Analysis of China’s Incomplete Revolution and its Impending Completion by Minority Groups

by Ashley Lynn Sanders


036 – 040…….. The Military’s Evolving Role in Jordanian Political Reform

by Dana El Kurd


042 – 047…….. The Ideological Future of the Middle East: Turkey Model

by Rahman Dağ


050 – 054…….. Elites and inequality in Latin America

by Jorge Atria


056 – 058…….. Invisible inequality in Latin America “The poor wants to remain poor, I think that that´s the point.”

by Mayarí Castillo Gallardo


060 – 064…….. Why the Right is hegemonic in Mexico?

by Julia Aibar


066 – 068…….. Social inequality as a strong obstacle for democracy

by Claudia Maldonado Graus


070 – 073…….. Urbanization and inequality in Latin America

by Dr Ramiro Segura


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