Turkish Media

Turkish Media
Turkey has a wide variety of domestic and foreign periodicals expressing diverse views, and domestic newspapers are extremely competitive. The media exert a strong influence on public opinion. Media ownership is concentrated among large private companies, a factor that limits the views that are presented. The largest such operator is the highly diversified Dogan Group, which is the fifth-largest conglomerate in Turkey. Dogan owns two major newspapers and three national television stations. Dogan’s newspapers were estimated to occupy about 50 percent of the market in 2008. The most popular daily newspapers are HürriyetMilliyetPostaSabahYeni Asir, and Zaman. Of those titles,Zaman (860,000) and Posta (645,000) have the largest circulation. Milliyet and the daily Cumhuriyetare among the most respected serious newspapers. The most popular English-language newspapers are Today’s Zaman and Turkish Daily News. Most newspapers are based in Istanbul, with simultaneous Ankara and İzmir editions. The broadcast media have very wide dispersion because satellite dishes and cable systems are widely available.


The largest television broadcast outlet is Turkish Radio and Television (TRT, the state-owned outlet). In addition, in 2005 there were 14 national private television stations and 33 national private radio stations. Major private television companies, a category legalized in 1993, include Star TV, Kanal D, Show TV, and NTV.

(Source: Library of Congress) 

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