1) The Agreement Concerning the Joint Administration of Turkish Culture and Arts (TÜRKSOY), drafted by Turkey’s initiative and efforts has been signed in Almati in 1993. TÜRKSOY, which has diplomatic status as an international organization, same year began its activities. 500px-FlagOfTURKSOY.svg
2) TÜRKSOY member countries are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Gagavuz Yeri of Moldova and some autonomous republics of the Russian Federation participate in its activities as observers.


3) TÜRKSOY has been established with the objective to strengthen cooperation in the fields of culture and arts between the countries of Turkish origin and language. The organization also aims to ensure better understanding and to deepen friendly relations and contacts between these countries as well as to protect and promote the Turkish culture.


The official language of TÜRKSOY is Turkish and its headquarters is in Ankara.


4) The Ministers of Culture of the member countries are elected TÜRKSOY Coordinator for a term of 6 months in accordance with alphabetical order and preside over the Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture which normally convenes once in 6 months on rotating basis.


The Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture is the highest body of the organization.

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