18th Issue of Political Reflection Magazine is Out Now!

Vol. V | No. I – January-February-March 2019

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05-06…..World News by Furkan Sahin

09-14…..The Ideological Potential of Climate Change: (Post) Politics in the Age of Global Warming by Miguel Angel Zhan Dai

15-18…..Yemen Civil War: A Conflict That Has Never Ended by Dr. I. Aytac Kadioglu

21-25…..NATO: The Shifting Sands of an Alliance by Alasdair Bowie

25-30…..Relations between Endurance of Ruling Political Party and Economic Development by Dr. Hakan Uslu & Dr. Rahman Dag

33-36…..America in Afghanistan: Foreign Policy and Decision Making From Bush to Obama to Trump by Dr. Sharifulah Dorani


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