An Analysis of the Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) with International and Domestic Dimension And Its reflection over Turkish-American Relations

It is widely believed that the attacks of September 11 were a turning point for international relations since it led countries worldwide to assess the threat of terrorism and generate new perspectives for countering these risks. Thereby, America under the Bush presidency called all nations to Americas’ ‘war on terror’ campaign to support the fight against international terrorism. In this campaign Bush even forced all nations to choose their approach, “either with us or against us ” [1].  However when the war on terror campaign turned into the Iraq operation, supporter for this campaign reduced due to the American’s ‘unilateral foreign policy implications’[2]. Richardson (2006:235) points out that “the complete collapse in international support for the US in the face of the invasion of Iraq is simply extraordinary.  The trend[3] held in countries normally friendly, in those normally cautious or neutral and in those normally hostile.



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