Multidimensional Accounts Between Resistance and Rebellion: An Analysis on Yemen

By M. Huseyin Mercan | 01 April 2010



The Yemeni public have already witnessed a dangerous conflict on their own territory. The conflict was intensified by the Husi rebellion and the demand for independency from the Yemen Government. This conflict became an international problem with the direct or indirect interference of Saudi Arabia and Iran. While a hot war started between the Yemen Government and the Husi; Iran and Saudi Arabia started a cold war. Iran support for the Husi caused Western powers- especially the USA- to focus on the region. These events at Yemen have strategically importance for the security of Middle East and the Gulfs.


Abdulmelik el-Husi, one of the young leaders of the Husi Movement, said in a feature that they fought to get their demands and the demand was freedom in thought, self-respect, humanity, healing the wounds of war documentation of lost and arrested people, public works, the end of government discrimination against the Husi and the realization of justice, citizenship and equality. The events in Yemen and its regional and international importance show that the situation has a different dimension. While, the Husi request humane demands, their media, monetary and armed attacks make the Yemen Government to take important measures against the Husi. The Husi claim that they are from Zeidi Shia and their aim is to found the Zeidi state of Yemen, but the rejections of most Zeidi scholars show that the Husi Movement has different aims. The aggressive policies of the Husi is not only against the Yemen Government. The Husi attack the Yemen public, kidnapping, breaking and entering schools, purification policies against non-supporters and tortures signal that the Husi are a terrorist movement not movement of resistance.


It is clear that the policies which are followed by the Husi will cause serious results. One of the most important problems is the support of Saudi Arabia for the Yemen Government.


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