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Vol. IV | No. V – October-November-December 2018

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04-06…..World News by Furkan Sahin 

08-20…..Terrorism in Syria and Beyond: An Interview with Prof. Alain Gabon by Dr. Rahman Dag

22-24…..Erdogan’s Best Shot is Still in the West by Dr. Murat Ulgul

26-30…..Raqqa vs Kobani – Terrorism vs Revolution by Dr. Rahman Dag

32-34…..Future of Religious Education under the New Executive Presidency in  Turkey by Dr Abdurrahman Hendek

36-46…..The Bureaucratic Politics Approach: Its Application, Its Limitations, and Its Strengths by Dr. Sharifullah Dorani

48-53…..Emerging Powers and Their Influence on Global Governance: The Threatening Case of the BRICS by Francesco Petrone

54-57…..Answers to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by Dr. Ozgur Tufekci

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