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  • President Trump’s foreign policy dystopia

    After over three decades of living in the United States, one thing that I have learned is never to assume that I understand American domestic politics. Every time I think I grasp where it is going, I am eventually dumbfounded. So I tread on eggshells when venturing onto that terrain. And given my own lack

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  • Brussels attacks: why do family members commit terrorism together?

    It appears to be increasingly common that terrorist attacks not of the lone-wolf variety involve members of the same family. Some of them, like the San Bernardino attack last December, are committed by married couples or romantic partners. But quite a few recent terrorist atrocities – the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Boston Marathon bombings and

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  • Will a 2 Celsius Warming Prove Dangerous? Ocean Circulation Models Say Yes

    Studying climate is not something we invented in the 20th and 21st century. Humans have been observing environmental change associated with climate since the early 19th century when scientists first began to understand the property of gases. They noted that some trapped heat. Scientists also studied the field of geomorphology, the forces in nature that

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  • Iraq Analysis: Prime Minister Caught Between Status Quo & A Cleric

    In Iraq, the menace of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist Movement, has reared its head again, posing serious challenges to Prime Minister Abadi and his plans for government reform. For several months, Abadi’s efforts to fight corruption and replace incompetent ministers with technocrats have faced resistance from entrenched interests from all

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  • The Art of the Deal? More of the Same!

    “There are among us today, as there always have been, those who act against the scheme of things that degrades them, and in the process of action everything we have accepted out of fear or insensitivity or ignorance is shaken before us and examined… More important, from this total questioning of what has previously been

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