Central Asian, Russian and Caucasus Studies focuses on a region that has witnessed major political and economic changes in recent decades. Dissolution of the USSR has affected not only this particular region but had repercussions, like a ripple effect, in the rest of the world over time. Some even argue that it led up to today’s economic and political structures both to east and west of Moscow.


However it is not only the history that makes CARCS fundamentally relevant and significant. The region, also referred as Eurasia, is playground of international actors due to its vast natural resources – a playground where a wide range of states, interest groups, corporations, nationalities, have a stake in.


Turkey’s much cherished geostrategic location, its historical ties and present stakes in the region makes CARCS an essential regional study in CESRAN.We hope this ‘voluntary online library’ that brings together policy papers of enthusiastic scholars help those looking for resources and ideas.


We appreciate your contributions and/or suggestions.





CARCS Director

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