European Studies is a broad field of study providing a historical, political, economic and sociological analysis of current trends and key issues in Europe. Historical and recent developments within Europe, especially the process of European integration have emphasised the need for a greater understanding of the intricacies and challenges currently facing the continent. In addition, the emergence of the European Union (EU) as a world power, both politically and economically, makes European Studies as one of the most contemporary and interesting regional studies courses.


Turkey`s ongoing membership negotiations with the EU and the growing relations between the country and the Union make European Studies a crucial regional study in CESRAN. The goal of European Studies group in CESRAN is to understand different ideas, values and perceptions about Europe and to seek a deeper understanding of current developments in the EU with the help of skilled and enthusiastic scholars.


Hopefully, it will be beneficial to everyone who is interested in European Studies.




Esengül AYAZ

Director of European Studies

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