Environment and Democracy

Freedom to choose is the basis for current democratic systems and here exists two uncertainties: 1) whose freedom? And 2) whose choice? If it were my freedom and my choice, I would return the current capitalist, democratic society into a state of anarchy, in the true definition of the ideal. Anarchy was hijacked by democracy to infer a state of disorder due to the absence or nonrecognition of authority and power. True, anarchy may not confer authority and power, but it does not promote disorder. In an anarchistic state, the disorder would come from the democrats, whom the anarchists would whole-heartedly welcome into their society. Anarchistic ideals pose a significant threat to democracy and capitalism if they ever gained momentum because power in anarchy is shared amongst the people. It is not surprising that democrats suppressed it through propaganda. The most pace anarchy ever gained was within high-strung punk rock songs, where the artists were trying to inform listeners that superpowers held their world on puppet strings.

Our social edifice is set to feedback into itself through a series of ‘can do’ and ‘can’t do’ processes that contradict their aims and perpetuate their need. The legislation that governs or constrains society is all written in a schizophrenic fashion within and between tiers of government. The feds want one thing whilst the states want the opposite, and local governments react, distribute and enact the avalanche of motions. Each government represents different communities and different lifestyles and work for their common good, and sometimes those of their neighbours. They keep the rich people rich, the bad people confined and the good people in an often-monotonous daily ritual whilst the rest look for a nice patch of dirt under the bridge.

That is the degrading depressing delusion of democracy. Whilst searching my thesaurus for definitions and words to grasp the concept, I found terms like equality, egalitarianism, classlessness and fairness ring hollow. There are enormous divisions of class in democracy. Whilst politicians increase their salaries, some of their very citizens are living and dying on the streets.

Published in Political Reflection Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4


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