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We are now in an era in which nation-state boundaries are disappearing and socio-cultural and economic interactions between human beings are increasing rapidly. This is such an era that a local development may easily acquire a global character. Again, the impact of a global development may be seen quickly on many localities at the same time. Inevitably, conceptual considerations based on local or global scales became meaningless in this intense interaction process.

Today, every policy, practice and idea is open to the intervention of ‘outsiders’. The success of a policy, practice and idea depends on a specific ability of policy-makers, practitioners and scholars. This specific ability is the prediction of outsiders’ criticisms, contributions, reactions and comments on/to proposed policies, practices and ideas.  Urban studies should be carried out in this context from now on.

Centre for Urban Studies was established to identify cutting-edge theoretical and practical issues in international property, planning, urban and regional development research. We put ‘cities’ at the centre of our global focus, following ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ approaches together in our all considerations.


International Planning and Property Development Desk

We believe that there is a strong relationship between all urban planning processes and property development activities in the world. This desk was established for the exploration of this relationship from an international perspective.

The International Planning and Property Development Desk of Centre for Urban Studies aims to provide an international forum for the interchange of information and ideas relating to ‘urban and regional planning’ and ‘commercial and residential property development’ policies, practices and ideas.

The desk presents short articles and research papers, consisting of an analytical review of the major strands of contemporary thinking in all property, planning, urban and regional development topics. We aim to create a space for planning and property professionals to share their heuristic propositions in this field.


Fatih Eren

Director of CESRAN-Centre for Urban Studies (CUS)

Contact Details: trp07fe [at] sheffield.ac.uk, feren2000 [at] gmail.com

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