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The CESRAN Research Programme for Studies in Democracy is primarily concerned with policy briefings. Researchers, practitioners and students of democracy are heartily encouraged to submit commentary between 800 and 3000 words specifying what their policy brief is, how it differs to existing policy, why it matters, and from which theory it derives. Research in democracy has been progressing in leaps and bounds – much of this has been theoretical. We need to take these advances and translate them into concrete policy briefs for governments and or agents of governance to take up: from local institutions to global institutions. Translating cutting-edge research in democracy into usable policy briefs will, we reason, assist in the growth of better government and governance.

These briefs will be co-published by the Journal of Democratic Theory – but only after they appear in print with Political Reflection. Although the Programme will be soliciting briefs directly, we do welcome unsolicited submissions as well. Authors will be encouraged to send their briefs to the most relevant government and governance bodies and to chase up these submissions for feedback. We would like to keep track of the impact of policy briefs.


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