Watching a TV series is a great time investment compared to enjoying a movie. That is why, I feel quite picky before taking the risk of being a follower of several seasons. After watching NBC’s new TV drama Revolution’s trailer and reading about its plot a bit, I decided to take the risk. I watch it weekly on a new online archive TVYO and it has been riveting three episodes so far.

I am not going to write about the visuality, cast, characters or the details in the plot in this review. You will see them in the drama anyway. My intention is to motivate you to check yourself whether you are interested in contemplating the notions of the state and anarchy.
The electricity is a new phenomenon when we think of the overall human history. However, in the contemporary world, the lack of electricity means a total change in people’s lifestyles and their behaviours. The majority of people in the world only knows what a temporary power cut is. A permanent power cut sounds like a joke or a science fiction. Revolution presents the audience a new world order without electricity. The power cut, which is called as the black out in the drama, does not allow any electric device to turn on. Even the electrical system of vehicles with a battery (cars, planes, etc.) turned off when the blackout occurred. Accordingly, the power cut firstly abolished the urban life. People had to go back to the pre-electricity period and started to produce their own food in their gardens. Big cities became abandoned places and the public order collapsed. In the post-black out period, within 10-15 years, the state completely dissolved in the US and probably in the other parts of the planet too.

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Published in Political Reflection Magazine Vol. 4 No. 1

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