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  • The Iranian Role in Iraq is Underreported

    News reports tell us that negotiations have been delayed between the U.S. and Iran on nuclear weapons. But the reports divert our attention on Al Qaeda/ISIS while supporting the Shia’s diversion of US supplies and support away from the Sunnis trying to fight Al Qaeda/ISIS. The reported deaths of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) general

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  • In Syria: Towards The Elections

    Dr. Dilek YİGİT Being a result of both internal and external factors and these factors’s mutual interactions, a three-year-lasting civil war has come to a dead end in Syria. On one hand, contrary to what’s going on in Tunisia and Egypt, Assad’s regime fiercely resisting against so-called Arab Spring and an opposition not being able

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  • Changing Equations In The Middle East

    Dr. Dilek YİĞİT It is known that there are certain opinions about 2013 not been a good year in terms of Turkey’s foreign policy. Based on the developments in the Middle East such as civil war, conflicts and increases in the regional instability which took place during a period called “The Arab Spring”, opinions concerning

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  • Constraints on Aid Conditionality: The case of the European Commission and the Palestinian Authority

    The international community has come in for a great deal of criticism in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and especially within the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since the 1967 war.  The donors who dominate the international community are accused of shaping and dictating the development of Palestinian political, economic and social life. BY DR

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  • Syria’s Propaganda War

    Both sides in the Syrian conflict — and all the Middle Eastern powers — are manipulating events and rumours for their own purposes. Media access to hard facts is limited where it exists at all, and anyway most media want a simple, sympathetic narrative, and want it now BY ANTONIN AMADO and MARC DE MIRAMON

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  • Syria Divides the Arab Left

    The violence deepens and spreads. Yet unlike Egypt and Tunisia, the Syrian revolt has not had unanimous support from the Arab left. There is a split between those who sympathise with the protestors’ demands and those who fear foreign interference, both political and military. BY NICOLAS DOT-POUILLARD | AUGUST 01, 2012 Last August the Lebanese

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  • Israel’s Fear of Democracy in the Middle East

    This month Egypt, known as the “mother of the Arab world” will, for the first time, hold a free and transparent Presidential election. This election will have a great impact both regionally and internationally not least upon its neighbour Israel. BY Dr. MARWAN DARWEISH | June 2012 In the last few decades Israel has wasted no

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  • Thucydides and the Arab League: for Want of a Lesson

    BY JACK SIGMAN | JUNE 08, 2012   The struggle for Palestine is both one of the most contentious and one of the longest lasting conflicts of the modern era. The initial battle to settle ownership between the Jews and the Arabs living in the region, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, is an event that has

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  • Staging the Motions of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ in Syria?

    Organised by the Arab League and attended by around 70 countries, the Friends of Syria Conference in Tunis on 24 February 2012 was probably one of the last chances for the resolution of the Syrian crisis through diplomatic means or it may also be argued that it was actually staged to appear in that way.

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