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  • Brazil’s Presidential Election: Impacts on Relations with Turkey

    Millions of Brazilians went to the polls on Oct. 5 to elect the new president of Brazil. There were three frontrunner candidates: Dilma Rousseff, the incumbent and the leader of the Workers’ Party; Aecio Neves, leader of Brazilian Social Democracy Party and Marina Silva, former environment minister. According to the Datafolha’s poll, which was conducted

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  • The Consequences of Scottish Independence

    Scotland will decide in a referendum to be held on Sept.18 whether or not to end its 307 year union with England. It seems that it is a much closer race than many had expected. According to YouGov poll, “no” votes have gained ground since early August and is currently at around 52 percent. Of

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  • Turkey stuck at a crossroads as Islamic State terrorises Kobanê

    Kobanê, a small Kurdish town on the Syrian-Turkish border, has now become the ultimate test of Turkey’s ambivalence on how to engage the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the rapidly worsening situation in Syria and Iraq. The town is under siege from IS and fighters from the Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party) are desperately holding

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  • The Urban Regeneration Experience of the United Kingdom: Lessons for Turkey

    by Dr. Fatih EREN Introduction The United Kingdom (UK) is the most experienced country regarding the theories, policies, strategies and practices of urban regenerations in the world. This study firstly outlines UK’s urban regeneration experience and then discusses how Turkey can benefit from this experience in the best way. The global financial crisis emerged in

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  • Putin’s Eurasian Union: Geopolitical Repositioning

    On 24th of September 2011, during the United Russia congress in Moscow Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ended all the speculations on his candidacy for the Presidency of Russia. Putin announced that he will run for president next March in presidential elections that could extend his rule until 2024. Vladimir Putin served as President of

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